Friday, June 12, 2009


We have an extra house guest this weekend and his name is Ranger, cute/goofy looking guy...

He is really fitting in well with us as you can see. I'm so relieved :)

Norah loves our guest, she keeps referring to him as "our new little dog" and we say, he's not ours he's Aunt Jamie's

Now the ones who bought this outfit are going to be shocked to see it "fitting" him, I knew it would, well the shorts at least anyway..........................Oh ya it's a 3month outfit :-)

This little turkey does nothing but walk now!! Since last week Monday(June 1st) he is a pretty constant walker :)

Now please don't look at the actual benches, they are a work in progress..What the boy is doing is what FREAKS ME OUT and kinda pisses me off actually. We have 2 of these benches and the other side connects to my one and only small kitchen counter ya you know where I'm going here.................CONSTANTLY climbing up and on my counter to throw everything off and dump everything on himself........ARGH!!!
I don't remember the miss doing it quite as much as this little bugger......


K J and the kids said...

um Janet...I wouldn't exactly consider that "fitting him" !
Just sayin'.

I have 4 out of 5 climbers. Ryan seems to be a little too cautious or shall we say, good, smart, easy.
pick a word..any word.
I'm sorry.

Janet's page said...

that's why the word fitting was in quotes:-) the top not really the shorts were ok though:) Everything else is so stinking big that he looks like he's trying to be a teenager with his stuff all baggie...
couldn't find a pc way to say that:)
Those benches will be the death of me!!

I say good and smart and easy. My Isaac was like that. ahhhhhhhhh

Janet's page said...

Hoodlum that's the word i was looking for:)