Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So in the past 24 o lets give me a little and say 36hours i have dealt with more screams, bumps, fights,tantrums, bruises that i can remember!!!!!

lets start with this viewEVERY SINGLE TIME I TURN AROUND this is what i find. At least this time he's not throwing EVERYTHING on the floor.

and a happy moment brotherly love

This was yesterday morning "somehow" a cute precious little face was shoved into the window sill of brothers window:(

and this yesterday late morning "somehow" ended up with a purple DENT into her face by her eyebrow

and finally this morning "somehow" ended up with toothpaste everywhere on the face, hair, bedding brothers pants and finally a fat bloody lip!!!

What the heck is happening i ask you cuz i sure don't know and i do "somehow" because the story changes with the teller and time.


K J and the kids said...

I guess I'm not seeing it.
That is EXACTLY what it looks like at our house. Only I have legs that could outdo an NFL lineman's.
I have a picture to post from last night. Ryan's eye.
Yip. so in those pictures all I saw was happy cute kids. The bumps and bruises just seem to fade in it all :)

Janet's page said...

Awwwww K your so nice!:)