Monday, June 15, 2009

It would seem that my plans to eliminate 1 nap from the little man's schedule has started today!
I was going to wait until next week when we didn't need to be somewhere in the middle of the day but today he stayed up until just after 10(his normal is 9-9:30)and he is still at this moment sleeping. Instead of waking him up between 11 and 11:30 like i would do if he was still sleeping, i decided to just let him go and see what time he would naturally wake himself up:-) Now that said we do need to be somewhere by 1ish at the latest so he may still get woken up, well see. I'm sure i will need to tweak it a bit but hey I'm just glad the little guy is doing it on his own instead of me having to make him stay up later and push for the one nap thing.
We all know how tired don't mess with my schedule the little buggers can act:-(

Wish us luck :-)
Oh and his new favorite word......."me" plain as day and said over and over esp. when he is hungry then he chants it... I love it, he is growing so fast right now. I'm hardly able to catch up and boom onto another thing, like getting in his own swing and pulling by himself the yellow bar thingie down to keep him in it safe....
WOW little buddy you rock!


K J and the kids said...

I like the word "me" much better than "mine" :)
SOOO much difference in the two words. ha ha

Janet's page said...

I like it too, it's fun to hear. The other 2 did mine.