Saturday, June 28, 2008

She's done it again!!!!!!!!!!

So, it would seem my 55# 10month old puppy has shown us up again....... As you may remember we had to install a 2ft fence at the top of the rock wall that is at the back of our yard to keep our "puppy" in the yard and as you may recall we didn't have enough fence to do the whole thing so we left the middle open to witch she said haha and climbed out behind our backs with us out there. I have sense gotten more fence and Chris finished that, well once again she showed us her powers of genius and found a week spot in it and went over. Now up until yesterday she has only done it a few times and i have been walking her about 2.5/3miles a day witch has helped a great deal.Well yesterday................Isaac put her outside while we grabbed some water and got ready to go for a walk to a playground and to bring her with us, it's about a mile there and a mile back with some good sized hills so i thought it would be a good workout for all. 15min later we are ready to go and Pearl is no where to be found. gone.........she is not coming back when we call her and this has never happened before, i personally think ok don't come back your a pain in my side something fierce, Isaac on the other hand is almost in tears and wondering if we are going to go look for her hoping we don't have to make signs and such..........DARNIT!!!!!!!!! He is such a tender young man of course we are going to look for her the last thing i need is for the big dummie to get hit by a car and have to spent lots of $$$$$$$ to save her for him, well we do eventually find her she is in someone else's fenced in yard (the fence is like a 4 maybe 5 footer)......... I tried to find out if they had put her in there or if she got her self stuck in there but noone would answer either door but we all know she can jump that no problem. She did not get to go with us, that was her punishment. So one again we have been out smarted by the dumb or should i say smart dog and today we are looking into a remote shock coller or an electric fence to put up in the back, so fun! Oh and last night i took her for her first bike ride telling her the whole time that "hey you wanted to run my dear so lets run" she was a very well behaved puppy last night!!!!!!!!all it took was a 10min. bike ride.Hope you all enjoy your weekend

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