Monday, June 16, 2008

One weekend

Hello all, well after what felt like a looooong weekend but didn't turn out to be all bad i have new FLOORS!!!! They look really nice especially the kitchen i LOVE those the best, something about the blackness to them really makes them one of a kind, very rustic looking. We probably rushed things a bit but we moved everything back into the rooms last night at 10pm. After starting a project that we were told would only take 1weekend that turned into 3 then with the floors into 4 we are finally done(minus the baseboards). Everything looks great. I have to say one thing about this last weekend we all had to live in the basement from sat. am to sun. late night and that just plain sucked!!! I went from being the worlds heaviest sleeper to the worlds lightest sleeper when children came.Seriously folks between the kids being up to late, Chris on one side snoring and the dog in her crate on the other SNORING the cats (4ofthem) thinking it was time to play with all the new bodies and stuff and Ari choosing to get up at 4:30 then Norah getting up and thinking it was time to get up to the cats trying to get into the room Ari was again sleeping in.......... sleep was something i didn't. It was a good weekend with the kids though. The last 4 weekends I've kinda been a single mom while Chris is working on the house and i quite enjoyed myself(for the most part). Glad it's done.........Now need to by a new mop and turns out i don't have any pledge.(I hate dusting). I'll take some pics and see if i can't find any old ones to show the difference. Those of you who remember my kitchen floor you will be amazed i just want to sit in it always.......Oh and the rug i got for Christmas from my mom for the kitchen is finally out of the box and it looks great. Thanks mom!!!!

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