Friday, June 13, 2008


Good Friday morning to you all, quick update all is well, Ari is doing better and better, Isaac and Norah are having such fun playing all day. Wednesday my friend Jamie came over with her kids and their puppy "ranger" it was a good time we haven't seen them in forever Kaitlyn is a good head taller than Norah and Norah is 2months older that girl is going to be 6ft easy. Ranger is quite the puppy, him mom needs to work a little with him but he sooo cute. Then yesterday we went to the park with my friend Erin and our kids got to play together for the first time and they really seemed to have fun with each other. Isaac and Jack, Norah and Mike(or Norah just running after the boys) and miss molly as we call her just hollered at all while Ari slept most of the time. We had a nice picnic lunch played some more then home for naps and for mom to get ready for work. It was a lot of fun (esp. for me) and we hope to do it again soon. This weekend my kitchen and dining room are going to get a floor face lift, i can't wait... Gotta go Norah is asking for mac & cheese for breakfast.(she never did like the breakfast stuff) Hope all have a great weekend!!!!!

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