Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pain and Dinner

Good morning all, let me start off by saying the strangest thing happened to me the other day....Tuesday about 3ish Norah was wanting the candy thing, it's kinda like a little 2inch long soda bottle but filled with sour sugar powder. The bottom of it is a screw off and from the others i knew it could be tuff to get off, well i try and can't unscrew it so i try to with my teeth, let me tell you, i thought i was going to unscrew my teeth along with the darn thing thats how hard i tried but no success (my mouth hurts like heck) but the top or should i say the bottom is still on, Norah says look mom i got it and sure enough she just unscrews it. I tell myself i just loosened it for her thats all, anyway about 15 minutes later all of a sudden i get shooting pain from my jaw all the way around my neck to the other side then up the back of my head to my forehead and now i feel like i have a major neck injury and my head is just POUNDING!!!! I need to be to work in about an hour and all i want is to lay my head down and rest my neck. I pop some pain pills and off i go, it gradually gets worse and worse and I'm at work moving like i can't move my neck it's so bad then home and shortly after to bed, I'm icing and popping pain pills all night and into the next day, Isaac is due home after like 4days at my sisters and all i want is him to stay and to go to bed. It really sucks!!!!!! well after i got Norah and Ari down for a nap i found some ibuprofen to take with the other stuff and grabbed another ice pack and layed in the chair for about an hour. When i get up I'm actually starting to feel better, i can even chew on that side of my mouth without to much trouble. Quick get the kitchen cleaned up, start some laundry. Well by 5:30 I'm feeling tons better and STARVING. Isaac suggests that we go out to dinner. Well that actually sounds real good, we haven't been out to eat in a sit down place since Ari was born. Well we have these free dinner coupons for the kids for Russ's so we decide to go there, cheap good food. Ari ate at 5:30 so i knew he should be good to go till about 7. We get there and of course the place if full of older folks and Ari is an immediate crowd pleaser being a baby and all. It went great, i couldn't have asked for a better time(didn't like my food) but it was sooooo nice to go out with the kids and enjoy ourselves.... Isaac and NOrah actually did awesome no fighting. Chris and i really needed it, it was very refreshing! We both left feeling very picked up.
Moral to the story......Don't try to open kids candy make them do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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