Sunday, June 29, 2008

lazy days

Happy lazy Sunday to all, we had a slow but fun family day today. We tie dyed some t-shirts in the morning(I'll post some pics tomorrow when they are done). Then we hungout outside while Norah and Isaac rode bikes (dad did some work on Isaac's 2). then Isaac read me some books and we watched a movie. Grilled out our dinner while kids played in the yard with Pearl and each other. Ari has been in a funk the past 24. hours he was up for a loooooooong time during the night(not used to that anymore) and then naptime he was not a fan of, he just went down about 15min ago after being awake for about 3hrs. Somethings going on with him but not sure what at least he was happy most the day seeing as how he was awake more than not....... Pearl was introduced to an electronic remote coller yesterday and the one time she jumped the back wall it wasn't on:( but it did work for the pool and the bike tires, turns out if done correctly she will only stay away from the object and chill out not hide or cower.... Hopefully a good purchase we'll see.

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