Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Girls, seriously folks, i have already prayed MANY times this morning lord please give me strength/patience today. Since 6:40 this morning all i have heard is wining crying from my daughter, from "i don't want to watch this" to "i don't want to use this plate"...waaaaaaaa to "i want to eat in the living room" (which we never do) to "i hurt my foot" to "i want different shoes" the list could go on and on. She has been put into her room to cry just for her ears with the instructions to not come out until she can talk nicely. Yes Norah has a LITTLE cold and the entire would must SUFFER!!!!!! You may say "she can't be all that bad" but if i could tape her and share the love you would say a prayer for me too. Just finished feeding Ari and we are off in the double stroller to take pearl and mom on the 2.5 to 3mile walk. we do this everyday both mom and pearl need it. Isaac has been gone for the past 3 nights and quite frankly i really miss his cuteness!!!!! He even lost another tooth last night(Finally a top one) and the tooth fairy had to come to auntie's house. Hopefully he will come home today and can help keep me sane amongst the Norah DRAMA!!!!!

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Whoops, I posted on bikes not Girls, go down one and read it!