Monday, June 9, 2008


It has been a hectic few days, I have wanted to write every day but have been to tired by the end of the day each and every day. My first official week of work is over and it wasn't so bad, besides worrying about weather or not Ari was getting fed on schedule it went off without a hitch. Friday night Isaac had kindergarten "Graduation". For those of you who don't know 1st grade in public school is kindergarten in private school and they honor the kindergarten with a graduation along with the 6th grader's. That would have been a fun time if not for the fact that all that day i had been dealing with a monster migraine that started at my left temple and continued down around my ear and down my neck along with that i had nothing suitable to wear(thats a hole different story but lets just say i don't have cloths and I'm totally serious) and Ari choosing to act up along with my daughter running to and fro and refusing to whisper which she knows how to do. Anyway it was neat. Saturday dawned still with the migraine but Chris wanted to do more with the "new" dining room so i took 3 kids to the store then played outside, start blowing up the pool, put some bark down, inside anywhere and everywhere dad wasn't to stay out of the way and we put up a partial little(2ft) fence at the top of our 6ft rock wall in the back yard bc i have a puppy that will actually climb it like a stinkin ladder!!!!!! We didn't have enough for the whole thing so we decided to cut it and put it up where we know she climbs and leave the center open(we can see her there). Turns out she's smarter and jumped the middle when our backs were turned.Now we need to get more. Chris did get everything done and we now have a really awesome dining room thats almost finished. This weekend he with cousin bill are going to redo the floors in the kitchen and dining and we will be "camping" in the basement, the last thing will be the new slider which hopefully will be in about 2wks. It will feel like a whole new house by the time it's done. Sunday i had to serve in church(i swear every boy there was in a bad mood) held kids, tried to play then to Kohl's to try to get mom some cloths(3pants & 1shirt)=my whole wardrobe at the moment along with Chris's t shirts. before i knew it Sunday was over and now half of Monday and let me just say with a smile on my face"the drama started at 7:10 and really hasn't let up yet" Girls are CRAZY Here are some pics from the last few days. Hope i did this right. also have one of the whole fam at the graduation (Chris doesn't like himself in it) once i get it right I'll post it.

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