Sunday, June 22, 2008


What a fun weekend even with the days getting chilly for a bit it always got better. We spent Friday at home and had fun just the fam. then Saturday we went out to my sisters for the afternoon, checked out her new kitten, new stray cat and the new 13 chickens they have. We had fun and Ari did awesome away from home, even napped(in his seat). Isaac stayed and we took Jona for sleep overs with the plan to exchange kids before church bc Isaac and Norah were going to Papa's and grandmas for the day to play, well Jona had a little homesickness for the first time and wanted to go home so auntie came to get her and we took Olyvia overnight instead, i was worried Norah would be very upset when she woke up to find no cousin, so instead she woke to a different one than she went to sleep with. We went to church (i had to serve) then a quite afternoon (o' the life of having 1 child) It's almost boring. then about 5:30 kids came home and we had gotten a tube for Norah's bike. Back story, it's been a year that this child has had to look at her bike and not be able to ride it bc mom and dad can be lazy on occasion. Any way here are some pics of Norah riding her bike for the first official time and some of Isaac on his big red bike that he won at the circus a few years back. Needless to say my sister was back over tonight with everyone bc they have a cat with some injuries that they wanted me to check out and Isaac once again is sleeping at his cousins house and Livie is here with us. Definatly busy.

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Dusty/333 said...

OK WOMEN!!!! YOU ARE LIKE SO MUCH BETTER AT THIS THAN MEAN!!! HOLY KA-MOLY!!! I JUST READ YOUR ENTIRE BLOG FOR THE FIRST ENTRY. YOU POST ALL THE TIME!! THE NORAH COMMENTS CRACK ME UP, OUT LOUD IN FACT. YOU MUST ADD THEM MORE OFTEN!!! DON'T BURP MY BUTT MOMMIE? CAN I COPY YOU AND ADD JONA COMMENTS? SHE'S THE ONE THAT CRACKS US UP ALL THE TIME. FOR THE RECORD, YOUR SON HAS BEEN HERE FOR 3 DAYS NOT 5!. I'm so terrible. I've told them 4 times they are going to bed now. But I was trying to upload pictures from today so you wouldn't miss him so much. The blog won't let me. It keeps telling me internal error. Would that mean 'My" internal error or blog spots??? This last time they just came in from the trampoline, I said brush teeth and wash's way way past bedtime and we aren't staying up until 10:30 again! They did exactly that and put the books away that I promised you I'd make them read. Then they said "bye mom, bye auntie Dusty" and now they have ran full speed back outside to the driveway to play hopscotch and scooter chase??? I'll finish this novel that I started to you and then go get them for the 5th attempt at putting them to bed:)