Sunday, August 17, 2008

clutter and more clutter

You know no matter how much time is devoted to picking up/cleaning it doesn't seem to get me anywhere.. Like today Chris and i tag teamed some laundry(I've had baskets@6 all over the house of clean cloths) and picking up the main floor. At this moment it looks pretty decent around here and TONS of laundry is put away but i think that is only because Norah and Ari are sleeping and Isaac gets to play video games during this time.... I give it 1hr upon waking and this entire house will be trashed again!!! I have decided we have way to much crap/junk in this house and it's gotta go.When do you find the time to go thru it all and get rid of it????? In about 5years when they are all in school??????? What are we going to do till then i ask ya???? suffocate that's what!!! After nap and Ari's next feeding we have plans to meet our photographer friend at the ford museum for some new pictures. We are doing Isaac's 7yr pic's and then a few of all of us. It should be fun and they always turn out AWESOME. She does spectacular work and i love it. The hardest part will be the up to 1month wait to get them.........I hate waiting, I'm not the most patient person ya know........ Have a good one all, here are a few pics of the little dude yesterday and today.

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