Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun times

These past few days have been so fun. Wednesday we went back out to my best friend Lori's house(1more time before school starts)and the kids again had a blast, riding quads, jumping on the tramp,riding quads some more and then riding horses. I got to ride with Norah this time. She was so cute we rode "Dreamer" and she kept forgetting his name and kept calling him "sleeper" all she cared about was that he was a BIG horse not one of the ponies and bc i was with her we were able to go for a ride in the woods, that was really nice, i haven't been on a horse in 3years and really miss it. Pearl came with us again and had even more fun that last time and she also rolled in more horse poo than last time.ugh!!!! She is something else that dog when other dogs are around and she loves to play. Lori tells me i need to get her into agility which i should probably check out, it would help her confidence and get some of her energy out. Today we went to my new/old friend Erin's house (the first time with all kids)and i just enjoyed myself tooo much,even when i realized that i forgot Ari's blanket!!! Can you believe it, of all the things to forget!
bottle: check
snack: check
juice to bring and leave: check
diaper bag: check
enough diapers: check
changes of cloths for Ari: check
spitup cloths: check
potty break for all before we leave: check
change of cloths for Norah:
Ari's blanket so he can take a nap:
Seriously, NOrah ended up having an accident"mom Norah peed her cloths and is naked" outside!! can you believe she fit in Ari's shorts!!!!!! then ended up sitting in bubbles with those shorts!!!!!! Had one more pair that was dirty from last week in the trunk. Ari is just to awesome.... He slept for like maybe 20 maybe 30 minutes on me had a bottle 30min early but was overall a happy guy. If not for the forgotten blanket i think i would have way overstayed our welcome, i really didn't want to leave when we did but what i want really doesn't seem to matter all that much..... I REALLY like Erin and enjoy hangin out with her and her kids. It seems as though we have been good friends for YEARS not the year and half most of which was online that it really is. I'm really starting to relax in the anal/high strung department and would have stayed as long as i could( actually i did stay as long as Ari would let me) As it turns out though we were home maybe 15min. and Chris showed up early from work and we have really been missing him and to have 2 of the 3 kids sleeping to boot....rare! Have a good weekend all.

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Dusty/333 said...

How come you never invite us to Lori's but always say that your going to invite us....? GEEZ, ya big meenie! All summer long we've been waiting to something FUN!! instead of just playing taxi cab. I would have invited you:(