Thursday, August 14, 2008


Good morning all, I've been up since about 5:50. It's now 8:45 and I'm trying to figure out what to do with today, I'm really quite board with the usual stuff and don't know what new to do... Last night my old "big sister" (you know from that big brother big sister program) anyway when i was younger and my parents divorced i got myself one (per mom) and her name is Cathy and i always had fun with her. Anyway i hadn't seen her in YEARS!!!!! Then about a year ago she was on my mind A LOT for a few weeks and then my sister ran into her at her office and got her email (talk about god working) so about a week later i emailed her and we have gotten together a few times for lunch and then yesterday evening after dinner she came over to see my house and my newest addition plus she had never met Isaac or Chris so......... I must say she looks the same only way better hair..... and she's just as funny as i remember..... Now back to today.... What do i do?????? I don't know and I'm really in a funk...................

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