Monday, August 11, 2008

The Farm

So, we have really had an awesome few days for the most part... Saturday we went to the Lowell 4h fair and pet a bunch of animals and rode some of the rides....(can you believe i forgot my camera)I even thought about it 3 times before we left. Then Saturday afternoon we went over to my sisters for an early birthday party for my niece liv and they played some awesome games and then had a bonfire with smores and fireworks.... Once again i forgot my camera!!;( Today we went to my best friends house and what a blast we had..... She has 2 boys Zack7 and Josh 6 Isaac falls almost directly in the middle of the 2. I remembered my camera and here are some pics.... We even were able to bring Pearl who is such a different dog(with people) when with other dogs. I got home about 8:30 put some tired kids to bed and outside to bathe a dog....She wasn't coming inside without a bath first, no horse poo in my house, even if it is on the dog;)

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