Friday, August 29, 2008

Day like no other

I just need to share my day! It started like every other day up at 7 w/Ari, Norah up at 7:30 and Isaac rolling around at 8. then at 8:15 my phone rings, odd never this early, Can't answer at the moment I'm changin a diaper and have 2 kids..I want chocolate milk, no juice on and on it goes....... 10min later the phone is ringing again, same person, better answer. It's a friend of mine that has a 3month old little guy and she needed someone to talk to and possibly offer advise and quite frankly to cry with. After talking for about 45min she's feeling much better and i have to put a baby down for a nap and 2kids are now arguing over who's turn it is for whichever cartoon, blah blah blah..... 9:15 my phone rings again, it's mom better answer, she had a dream last night(more like a nightmare) about me,her, and Ari and then we get to talkin about Spencer and next thing i know it's 10am. I have 30min to feed and dress for the day 3people before it's time to get Ari up to feed then out the door. Get it all done and i jump on the computer to send a quick email to that friend that i talked to telling her that I'm glad she called and that I'm here anytime she needs. out the door we go to the bank and then to meijers........We are checking out at meijers and NOrah starts that fabulous whine the means Isaac did something..... I look up and she has a sucker stick embedded in her hair and i know it's Isaac's bc Norah had to throw her's away at the entrance of meijers by herself in the way of many people taking a 3yr olds time to do it and to look inside the trash can. ISAAC no video games for you today!! Get home it's 12:30, 12:40 Ari goes down for a nap by 1 i have lunch on the table, by 1:15 i have NOrah going down for a nap....YEAH i have a good hour for some down time, 1:30ish......knock,knock,knock, ding dong we have company and arn't expecting any...... Aunt linda is here for a visit, the dog barking has woken Ari up 45min early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She stays to visit till just about 3 by this time NOrah is also up early YEAH. As she pulls out of the drive way....ring ring that flippen phone is ringing AGAIN!!!! It's one of the mother in laws. I'm just not picking up i need a break...(keep in mind that all this is happening and i have a baby that isn't happy unless you are directly interacting with him or holding him..stupid teeth) Outside we go fresh air and mom just might get a few with all 3 happy.........the phone rings again, what the heck??!! it's that same mom in law, she leaves a message thinking i might be avoiding her..I call her back immediately saying I'm not avoiding I'm simply in need of a talking break (we also need to keep in mind that when on the phone i have 2 children that take advantage of my distraction to do naughty things, the last of which was to airbrush their hair,faces and tongues!!!) hang up put Ari down again PLEASE sleep little man, check email,out the door to play and so it went until now......... just typing it out makes me exhausted all over again......
Hope you all had a good Friday!!Enjoy the long weekend

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