Thursday, August 28, 2008


So this afternoon it hit me again..... I cringe when i type this (if you could see my face you would see how it pains me so)the need for us to get a larger vehicle-one with 2 add'l rows of seats- ow it hurts, is more and more necessary as we go along here, yesterday my nephew wanted to stay the night and it was ok only because i didn't have anywhere to go today(greater than walking distance) and he needed to be picked up by 3 so that i could go get Chris to be to work by 4. It really sucks that i have to base their coming over on if i have errands or such to do because i can't safely transport more than 3 in the backseat. I mean what if i had an emergency! I would of course make them fit but the hole idea does make me nervous. I want to be again the aunt that can say yup come on over and not have to worry about it. On the other hand i don't want a car payment if i can help it and i want to get rid of some debt first if i do have to have a payment............Just some thoughts......have a good night all.

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