Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teeth and heads=$

Monday afternoon ok back it up a bit, for the past few months i have been having headaches, almost every day and i just associated it with the birth control pill I'm on at the moment. Well Monday late afternoon i started with another one only this one just kept getting worse and worse by the time I'm going to bed it's the entire right side of my face, down my neck and it's feeling like i have been clenching my jaw (which i wasn't) then i was up all night long the pain in my head/jaw was sooooo bad i thought i was going to throw up with it. Ding Ding Ding it's my tooth not the stupid pills. By the was all i have for pain relief is Tylenol and that just wasn't cutting it. Tuesday morning i remember i have motrin 800mg from my surgery(YEAH) i take one of those and call my dentist. They can see me at 11 but if it needs to be fixed i will need to come back. I call my mom, what ya doing today i ask. She replies i don't know what am i doing?? ***ladies and gents yesterday i was forced to leave my baby with someone other than Chris for the first time*** I was not happy with it. I seem to get worse with each baby not better in that department. At the dentist i find out that i need a root canal on a seemingly fine tooth! hugh!! no cavity no previous filling. She doesn't do those she says i will have to schedule with their root canal people and that can take 2wks or more. best to get on their on call list then maybe in 4-5 days. WHAT this pain for possibly 2wks!!!!!!!!!!! Well the nurse says i called, they had a cancellation can you do today at 2? call mom "can i have you all day?" 1:30 I'm at the other dentiest filling out paperwork and 3pm I'm getting a root canal. home by 4 get ready for work and off i go.................Moral to the story don't just blow a headache off, find the source before it makes you cry!!!!!!!!! Dying nerve is the worst, way more painful than natural childbirth!!!!!!!!!!

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Dusty/333 said...

Hey women, DON"T you know, (well you obviously don't) that leaving a tooth to abcess sp? can be very very bad. Headaches for weeks and no sore tooth? You can get horrible infection that goes right in your brain!!! Then you are very very sick or die. WHat the hell women???? Next time go to the fricken dentist!!! Weren't you just there last winter? Why didn't they tell you there was a cavity or something??

I love the cutie little pictures down there of Ari, especially the one of him laughing.

If I respond on my blog to something you wrote there... do you get some kind of mail telling you that?