Sunday, July 19, 2009

The eyes say it all

So i have a friend, you know i don't even know if i can call her that, I've never actually met her or even spoke to her on the phone..I read her blog and in turn she checks mine out. I think she's awesome and if we lived close i do believe she would indeed me a good friend of mine, she cracks me up all the stinkin time(seriously LOL funny)Plus she's pretty awesome.. She does something i could never ever ever in a million years do..............She's a stay at home mom of 5 kids, the oldest is 5 and the youngest set of twins is almost 1!!!!!!!!!!Anyway she posted on her blog pictures like what I've done here and i LOVE them, think they are so cool so I'm stealing her cool idea.........

Now if they post correctly it should be dad,mom,and so on

May be a touch to much forehead in the little man's pic :-)


K J and the kids said...


AND. that's awesome. How lucky are you guys to have those gorgeous blues. and so many different hues.
Love it !

Janet's page said...

and mine change color per color of shirt i wear.. In this pic of mine I'm wearing a green shirt... sometimes they look ice blue sometimes like Norah's.. It's really cool.....AND.....Your welcome:):)

Anonymous said...

Very cute and fun!