Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We had a water balloon fight this morning after our walk with the dogs... I do believe that we had the most indestructible balloon's ever made.. Throw them at each other and they just bounce, throw at the ground at each other just bounce. Ari grab and squeeze with fingers and nails no popping.... So hey we got a much longer time playing with them anyway:):)
Oh and my best friend who is due(yes really young lady) july 21st. is going to be induced this friday:( She has never made it this far into pregnancy, the first she was induced 2wks early and the second came all my himself a month early. So she's new to the NORMAL end of pregnancy pains and complaints and somehow got her doctor to agree to inducing this Fri. So if she does like normal for her he will be here by Friday night:) I will post a picture of that little miracle man when i get to meet him.............

Have a good one all

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K J and the kids said...

Fun times !
I hate it when they don't pop. It hurts to get hit with them.

Bad knock on the ol noggin. OUCH !