Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have learned a few things over the past week, 1 thing actually about each child.

My oldest it would seem is very attractive to bee's, wasps, pretty much anything with a stinger. Yesterday he bends over in the yard to pick up one of those ball thingies that you play ladderball with and jumps back screaming....Yup a bee sting on the inside of his wrist. It doesn't end there i look and see the little blood spot so i go in to get an ice pack first thing and by the time i get back(maybe 20sec.) the whole inside of his wrist is one big white bubble... Sooooooo I'm guessing that he's mildly allergic to them... Then applied mom's old remedy(i think i had it rite) and he was better then applied some hydrocort. cream and all's well.

The Miss has a big problem with mosquito bites.... This is not something I'm familiar with having never had a problem with them myself(EVER, don't even use spray)she gets bitten and in it's place is this massive welt like thing that itches for DAYS Poor kid!!!

The little man, well it seems he is mildly allergic to strawberry's:-(He gets a diaper rash each time he has them or strawberry jam and the last few times the rash went to his trunk in spots and then the last time even a little on the side of his face. The Pediatrician has advised to stay away from them all together because of the fact that the rash is getting worse not better and that sometimes it can lead to respiratory distress..(WE don't want that)
That one sucks big time, that is the family's most favorite summertime fruit:( I think he said to try again in about 6months............

I think someone is ready to go swimming! This was taken this am at like 7???

My handsome dude!
A brief flower pot series just to put a laugh on your face

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K J and the kids said...

Ok the flower pot pictures. STILL LAUGHING !
All 3 of my older children have been stung by wasps this year. WTF !
It's like they've started attacking, like they are going crazy.