Monday, July 13, 2009


So at about 7:30 i decide to take the little man for a "walk" and the other 2 join us as usual:) So were walking up the road and we see our neighbor walking down to her house with her Mastiff "Max" so we stop to talk about dogs and nuisance dogs and kids and what not.... Well she has one of those squirrls that look to be stone and he's on a swing and she has him hanging from the tree branch by a loooonnnngggg rope and the 2 bigger kids are swinging him...... Isaac comes up to me a few minutes later holding a hand over his head saying "man did that hurt" and moves his hand........OMGosh i told him to run home and have dad give him an ice pack NOW!!!!!
These 2 pictures are about 15minutes post collision...................... Poor kid, it always happens to him:-(

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Anonymous said...

oo poor kid!! kises