Friday, July 31, 2009

Isaac and puppy

Isaac says last night at the dinner table "Isis isn't as cute as she was yesterday"
What, why??? "Well she's pooping in the house, on me, and in the crate"......Ha Ha is my internal response...
Well Isaac that's what puppy's do and she didn't poop on you, she pooped in her crate and you just stepped on it:) "O well then she's just as cute"!!

She is a really good puppy and if you know me you know i hate puppies, to much work and accident's in the house but really only 3x's in the house with the poo and 2 of them were in her crate(she's never been crated before)and were working out her schedule.. No pee in the house as of yet...AWESOME!! She's really fitting in nice:)


K J and the kids said...

How do you say her name ? Isis ?
Glad she's working out.

Janet's page said...

Yup Isis as in goddess of motherhood and fertility apparently:)