Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've been feeling like i don't have a moment these last several day. phew!! Yesterday was my birthday and what a nice day to be had. Went to my friend Erin's house and the 6 kids played the morning away then home for nap and while they were sleeping i went out to lunch with my mom(no they didn't stay home alone:)) Then it was off to work for me.... My was he paying attention this year he got me 2 things i really wanted but had just mentioned casually. one being something that i can keep water in to drink while running and it even has zipper pockets too so i can take my phone...I had mentioned how i don't really feel all that safe when i run bc I'm not able to take my phone..(i don't get out to run until about 8:30pm) and then he also got me one of those pedometer's that measures steps and distance....LOVE IT. Then of course other family got me cash, nothing wrong with that:) I have tattoo plans for that, if i can, something always comes up that i end up spending birthday/holiday money on.. Oh well such is life.... Here are a few pictures of yesterday:)


K J and the kids said...

Sorry we've been doing TONS of family stuff the last few days.

Janet's page said...

What are you sorry about dear, I love that you actually check it out at all......:-)

Hope J has as much fun as i did:)