Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm sitting here waiting for Norah's noodles to cook. We just got back from a walk with pearl to mallie and roxie's house, Ari is fed and napping. After this weekend I'm wanting to nap myself and as soon as she eats her noodles we shall take one as well, I hope! Saturday we, meaning Chris and my friend who is a general contractor began the fun job of tearing down 2ish walls in my kitchen/dining and WOW what a difference it has made already. Those 2 guys worked Hard, they looked like a couple of old men both with bad backs and dust in their hair. Everything is down and hopefully by this next Saturday all of the putting back together again will be done. I'll try to post some comparison pics for you. Anyway he "Travis" had to bring his kids along so i got the wonderful job of trying to organize the crap from the 2 closets that we lost, watch a total of 4kids,(Zack,Josh,Isaac,Norah) feed and take care of an infant and do a pet sitting job and go to the eye doctor. Like i said can't wait for a nap. Hope you all enjoyed the awesome weather we had and I'll try to get those pics up.


Cathy Aardema said...


What a cool idea. I enjoyed your postings and photos.

One question - did you get a nap today?

Janet's page said...

No Nap yesterday or today