Thursday, May 29, 2008


Already this morning!!, I'm packing Isaac's lunch and she comes to me covered in lotion of all things(hair, face,arms, cloths) argh!!!!!!! we get back from taking Isaac to school and i need to start laundry feed the cats and clean litter boxes(trash day tomorrow) so being the smart woman that i am i take her down with me to "help" well after i feed cats and start laundry i start the litter boxes and while I'm doing that she decides to "feed" the cats all over the floor i explain that cat food is expensive when you have 4 of them and that they were just fed and don't need more food "leave it alone"! back to cleaning, mind you I'm on a little chair just behind a dresser that we don't use thats being used as a blocker for little kids and litter boxes and she's on the other side, next i know it's too quiet once again and i look...... She has taken one of the just filled cat bowls and dumped it into the plug in water dish that i have down there for the kitties. So she gets a spankin and put in a spot and told to stay there while i finish up with the threat that if she moves she will get a spankin that will hurt and no play doh today!!!!!Well let me tell ya i turn around and she has found conditioner and is just getting ready to "play" with's 9am.

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