Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Let me start this off by saying i slept!!!! Ari got his last "scheduled" bottle at 10pm last night and didn't get up until 4:05! Thats right 6hrs!!!! keep it up buddy. Then up at 6:38 to keep with his schedule. Today Norah had her 3yr well child visit and i am one of those bad moms who doesn't do shots until they are 3 so she got those today also.(I like to make sure my children are "normal" before they get vaccs. just in case)I also like to be able to explain to them that it's going to hurt but just for a minute then you get a treat of your choice. Let me just say she did AWESOME, she cried but just for a moment and then she was miss Norah again and her treat of choice was a blue raspberry airhead and the Dr.s office gave her something like 6stickers!! She is also growing perfectly in every other way. Today was also Ari's 8wk wcc (already) and the little man is growing perfectly. At birth he was 7.4oz and 20in today he was 12.8oz and 24in. red hair still intact. He did so well considering that it ended up being a 2hr visit. off to Mcdonalds then to mallie and roxies for our lunch.(They are dogs that we let out m-f in the afternoon) They are both napping peacefully and in a few it will be time to wake them up to get Isaac from school.I honestly can't wait to get school over for the year. Same with the dogs, that ends for the summer when school ends. It will be nice to relax and get a lazy schedule!!! Thats all for now.

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