Saturday, May 24, 2008


Amazingly enough it's a year today that i delivered my third child. In the hospital not to be taken home with me but to arrive home 3 days later in an urn that Chris purchased . It's 3days prior that he died inside me. Crazy how time flies. More than once today i looked at my little man that almost never was and cried. I can admit that i have thought about Ian and wondered what he might have looked like, what he would be like but then i think about Ari not being here and that i can't imagine. I think it's easier to loose someone that you only had a short time and didn't know than to loose someone that you've had. Since i was destined to loose a child i can only thank god that he took one at 5months pregnant and not one of the miracles that i have been blessed with. Ian...i think about him every day, he is in my heart forever and permanently on my arm........ Gotta go my little man is calling me.

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