Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Whew, I'll say it again Whew, busy days for sure. More work was done on the house hopefully next time it will be done. Norah has been a very good girl since the addition of Ari, not so naughty/mischievous, well that has all changed as of today what a number. We had to do a little food shopping and get Chris a birthday present and after the contractor got here we left. Well we decided to go to mcdonalds for some lunch on our way to mallie and roxies. Well she didn't want to come in bc she was eating and well that worked for me bc Ari was just getting up and i thought that she could keep him company while i went in. Apparently she got bored and thought it would be a good thing to take her chocolate milk and spit it out of her mouth out the window(it went down window and car door) and that apparently wasn't enough so she had to take the ranch dipping sauce and spread that all over the inside of her door and seat. This child is well aware that that was not a good thing to do and sorry to say it folks but she did get a spankin (not a good enough one bc no tears) and then was not so gently escorted to the bathroom to get cleaned up and directly to bed for nap.Seriously i wasn't in the house for all that long!! I don't think her feet even touched the floor. All the while Ari is awake in his seat just a smiling away happy as can be. Well i get the car unloaded and get him inside and still smiling. get him out of his seat and bam i got a wiff, this is by far the rankest kid i have the little dude is just fowl!!!!!!! he starts laughing at me as i change the first blowout he has given me, JUST NASTY!!!!!!!!! Why do they have to be all happy about it. It's a good thing my gag factor has improved with each kid or I'd be pucking for sure. Got all that taken care of, then bottle, play time then nap. Wrapped some presents then got a couple of kids up to get Isaac from school.(have i mentioned how excited i am for summer vacation) Chris's birthday was today the old man turned 35. we had the dinner he wanted(homemade pizza, crust and all) then got a tiny strawberry cheesecake sang to him and had him blow out 1candle. Norah wanted him to have slippers and Isaac wanted him to have a cd so he got both. It was a good time, just got the kids to bed and we are getting ready for some pistons basketball. I'm gonna post some pics from the last few days then some of tonight. Night all

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