Friday, May 23, 2008


Oh my gosh, imagine 9:30 this morning, it was freezing!!!! the wind was so bad your hands felt like ice!! There we were outside from then till about 1pm. FIELD DAY!!! It was a lot of fun. Isaac and Norah had a blast they(the teachers) had it set up for all of the younger siblings to be on a "team" and do all the events also, that was sooo great. Turns out Isaac's team(all grades white) got second place. Yeah go Isaac and then afterwards their was a family picnic and so much good food. It was so nice to actually meet, learn names and talk to some of these moms i see everyday at drop off and pick up but don't know. Ari was such a trooper he did awesome! He was done... well we all were at about 12:30 but made it to help with some of the clean up and left at one and all got home and took a nap! Well except for the kid that did all the physical work, he watched cartoons while the rest of us passed out. He never will nap no matter how tired he is. He can complain about his eyes burning but will refuse to crash. I'm gonna post some pics from today then I'm veggin in the chair. More home remodeling starting tomorrow at 9!

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