Wednesday, March 17, 2010


goodbye little buddy! Norah is doing well by the way, if she needs to tell you she says her dad accidently left the gate open:) mission accomplished

Now if I could just figure out why the big kid KEEPS LEAVING IT OPEN!! Seriously, he's NEVER left it open and now all of a sudden each and every time and all he says is "oops, it was an accident" 2x now the pug has almost made it to the road!!
Had a nice talk about how we may not be so lucky next time and the poor dog might not die right away and will be in pain and how none of us want that and that if it were to happen again there would be no more getting of dogs because it's to hard on our hearts!!!

Yes we have on it's way a hinge type locking thingie for the gate so that you don't even need to shut it, it does it all by itself :-) Please hurry shipping company, please hurry!!!

good bye good friend!!

The younger 2 are indeed happy in this picture and the big kid... I don't know, I think he's getting hormonal already on me...................

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K J and the kids said...

Great tribute box. What a great idea.
Hope you figure out what's in that kids head. Sounds like he's having a harder time with the death of the dog ? Maybe he's to the age that he doesn't know how to express it as easily.