Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was going to post some fun pictures from today.........***Stupid blogger***

Today I decided to take it easy! Which ment that the nasty mess from last night stayed in the basement until after Chris got home from work and it also ment that the breakfast dishes were on the counter until just about 3pm. It also ment that the house wasn't vacuumed until about 4ish....
I am so glad I did because it looks like I will be working Tomorrow for a few hours, quite possibly Friday night and then I am scheduled for Saturday. If this happens, today will be the only day I don't work at all.......................PHEW!!!!
I had the fun pleasure of spending my 2.5 hours alone with the little man at the children's museum and boy did we have fun.. Also ran into our friends Aimee and Ben :-) It's so funny to me to go there and see all these parents just standing there and watching their kiddos, I mean I'm all for individual play and such but COME ON at least pretend to be having fun WITH THEM!!:)

So much less worked up(I mean stressed) now that my mornings Monday-Thursday are cut down to just the 1 child for a few hours....SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice!! If I get a second later I will try to post those pictures :)


THE most favorite part of the museum, the mirror tunnel

My future pianist.......

Such Focus :)

Watch out Ben, Ari's not buckled!!

Look out there's a crazy driver on the road


K J and the kids said...

Glad you updated with pictures :)

That is how I role every day. Only I'll bet you brushed your teeth and showered. Hell, at least got out of your PJ's. Not me so much :)

Janet's page said...

Girl, showering is for nighttime:) I may have brushed my teeth? Honestly I don't remember......