Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi my name is exhausted! The little man is at a stage that i CAN'T wait for him to get out least a little bit anyway, he's all about mamma, CONSTANTLY wanting to be held by mamma, played with my mamma, viewed by mamma!! Always and I'm going nuts with it. I suppose i should be thankful and enjoy it while it's here because before long he won't want anything to do with me but i can't. It's hard, can't do a darn thing unless I'm holding onto or playing with him and he gets heavy!!!! My right arm can't take much more and my left arm well it sucks for carrying:) Oh and tonight, i make dinner for all and then get the "sure that's fine" from Chris to take the dogs out(before dark NICE) and i get suited up, put on my jacket and gloves and look up and the little guy is at the table eating dinner and has huge alligator tears streaming down his cute little face crying away, why you ask cuz I'm leaving to walk the dogs:(:( Tears at my heart even though he's driving me crazy:)The life of a mother....... As promised pictures of the crazy dog getting vacuumed!!!!!! Please note that she likes it so much her tongue is hanging out:-) Nut job!!!I love her!

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