Monday, February 9, 2009

New woman

Hi there, let me introduce myself.....My name is Janet and I'm a wife and mother to 3 crazy kids. I have a rockin new hair cut and i just took my 2 awesome dogs out jogging in my new jogging shoes :) My feet's didn't know what they were missing! Not only are the shoes the correct size(i don't usually buy the correct size, it's no fun) but i can feel the breeze thru the toes and it doesn't even feel like i have shoes on they are so light... I have been working them (dogs) up to the jogging thing and tonight we did just over a mile and just walked about 2 blocks in the middle. I had to give Zero a chance to catch his breath. I was awesome!!!!!! What a nice start to a new week. I'm feeling like a new woman:) Please keep in mind that i don't have ANY makeup on, and the hair is just cut not styled at all
Awwww after our jog, cute little buddy's
He is such a happy guy, just got done watching the news up close and personal.
Some of the new teeth in that big o' mouth
I brought this toy up from the basement today just to see what the little man could do with it.... Lets just say he's a walking fool without brakes ;)

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