Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheese Balls

Good Evening all, it's been a busy weekend!!! First off i must say all did not go smoothly with Chris and the whole license deal we are hopeful that before the next week is out all will be a go!!! Friday night my oldest went to grandma and papa's house overnight and we had a nice special time with the miss and then it was swapem for the rest of the weekend......... Oh and I got a valentines present!!!!(YEAH) i don't plan on valentines being any big deal it really hasn't been in the past but this year I got a gift and i found it (on accident) 2 days early looking for headphones to go jogging. I got a zune of my own(mp3 player) I had always planned on just using Chris's or Isaac's and never having one of my own, i didn't need one of my own!!!!! That said I LOVE IT and it's pink and my new headphones that are pink came today and they rock....(standard headphones suck) I'm thinking that Chris will regret his gift in no time though cuz i put them in when i need a ear/kid break, like when I'm going downstairs to switch laundry and decide to fold while i'm down there:)hehe Can't hear a thing:):):)(only when chris is home)

Anyway back to the kids My youngest niece came for a sleep over on Saturday and we had a lovely time and even made it to EARLY church Sunday morning!! I was amazed myself... Then we are barley home from church and my sister's over to pick her up ALREADY... and well it turns out that we just do a swap and Norah goes with them(after all she's had her bag packed for over a week)and my oldest niece says with us. Chris and her are talking about how she doesn't eat meat and hasn't in about 2yrs(she's 11) so he decides that we need to have eggplant Parmesan for dinner and she loves it and so does Ari:) The highlight of Sunday night was playing star wars monopoly with them and running out of time and then today, lets just say i was in a short tempered mood (no real sleep always does it to me) and Liv and Isaac had me laughing so hard......we had a "how many cheese balls can you stuff in you mouth" contest Liv got 8 Isaac 6 and then Aunt Janet got 12!!! Well liv had to at least tie me and did with 12. I think Isaac even got to 8... That was such fun!!!!

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