Monday, February 23, 2009


Hi all,
Real quick i just felt the need to share how strange my dog is. Really i have the strangest German Shepherd dog in history i bet!! First off she does NOT bark when people come over actually greets them with a wagging tail and that's it. Now on our walks/jog's that's a different story all Shepherd there:) Then the other day when i was vacuuming(like i do EVERY day) she was doing her normal try to kill the vacuum thing when i decided to suck her with the hose...hehe Well folks SHE LIKES IT. I did it again today and yup she'll stand there all day letting me vacuum her. If only i could find a furminator attachment for the thing my world would be hairless!!!! I'll try to get Chris to take a picture of it later to show you guys. Now I'm off to do my Pilate's video and shower while i have the chance!!

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