Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tree Day

Well today was my day to "sleep in" and really wasn't happening. Between "Daaaaadddddyyyyyy, waaaaaaa" and Isaac coughing and Ari yelling then crying it just wasn't meant to be but that was ok. Last night for the first time in a long time i wasn't up with any child(Yeah me)...... Today was find our perfect tree day:)and we did!!!
Note to self......When going out into field to pick tree check tree prices first!!!!!!!!! We found the perfect tree cut her down and then found out how much her kind cost!!Ridiculously expensive for a cut down tree but i guess on the plus side i have never had a tree that smells like a bag of oranges!!!! I is simply wonderful.... and you know i can't remember the name for the life of me....
On our way to get the perfect tree, the best shot i could get in the van:)

How strong are ya mom?? can you pull all of us??

"The One" a little on the small side but then where we were going to put her she would have fit perfectly..

We picked a different spot and we could have gone bigger!! Our tree 2008

Now if i could stop seeing this we would be ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post some other pictures from today at a later time. Hope everyone is well:)

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