Friday, December 19, 2008


Honestly folks I don't know who my children are on snow days!!! They don't act like themselves at all. Like my friend Erin blogged about, you have 1 coming to you crying and the other shouting over them saying "NORAH'S LYING" "oH NO I DIDN'T" and such and it sucks!!!!! It started at 7ish and it does not make for a good day let me tell ya....Anyway what the bleep was up with the snow today?!?!?! Over a foot at the very least. I shoveled the sidewalks and entrances and i was DONE. I guess i wasn't leaving the house until Chris got home to shovel the drive or better yet maybe our friend who plows would drive by and do our driveway(he's been doing it almost every day that it snows so far) Huge blessing!!! Today, not to be and our neighbors plow guy shows up about 5min. after Chris starts and he asks him if he gives him $10. would he do ours?? The guys says ya but just this once. We think it's great until he's done and gone. I'm pissed at the waste of a $10. He didn't do the entire drive and at the bottom he puts most of it in our sidewalk and at the end. Did a real crappy job!!!!!!!!! I wish i would have thought of it sooner i would have had the neighbor boys use their snow blowers for $5. and they would have done way better, but like i said i was waiting/hoping for Jeff to make an appearance. Well the kids are in bed and i just got back from walking the dogs(boy was that fun, NOT!!!) and i need a break!!!!!! Hope this finds you warm and snuggly:):) Erin hope you feel better soon!!!!! answer the call from the bed:)

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