Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I'm gonna start this off with an Isaac funny or cute: Monday on the way home from school he tells me that Mrs. Mast wants to have a small little party before Christmas break. He then tells me "ya know mom, i want to bring a birthday cake" to which i ask "why a birthday cake?" He say's because mom it's Jesus's birthday!!! How stinkin cute is that!!!! So tomorrow night I'll be making a birthday cake for Jesus:-)

Got a call from my sis while at work last night and my mom is back into the Hospital!! Satan leave her alone i say!!!!!!! She did get to go home in excruciating pain waiting to have a mri done on her Knee? My sis says it sounds like she blew out her ACL!!!!!!!!!!! I told sis that we were just going to have to sell her house and have her move in with her:)

On another note Isaac had his first Karate belt test last night.... He did awesome, they all really did awesome!!!! Isaac went from a white belt to white deputy and he even broke a board with his fist!!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON DUDE!! Now i don't have any really good pic's apparently my camera is outdated and sucks along with poor lighting:(

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