Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's official, the little man has spoken!!!!!! No not the typical mama or dada. My little man says Isaac!!!!!! Chris confirmed it last night at the dinner table, Isaac bent over and made a funny face with noise and Ari would laugh and then say Isaac. (like he was saying silly Isaac) He did it about 6times and then to be sure we had Norah do the same thing and he laughed but said nothing!!!

On another note I've been waiting 7yrs to shut a child's finger in a door and as of yesterday the wait is over:( Miss Norah's middle 2 fingers are all swollen and purple! I even, much to her dismay immediately doused them with snow, 2x no less!!!!!! The funny part if their can be a funny part is that after i shut the door we both realized it at the same time, she had quite the delayed reaction. Poor thing was just hysterical, Hyperventilating!!!!!!! All good now thank's to Pain meds and ice pak's!!!

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