Monday, December 29, 2008

What a week

Oh my what a busy/crazy week I've had. Between working much more than normal and our 5 (count them 5) family Christmas's It's no wonder it's taken me this long to get it all together. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas holiday and are anticipating the fast approaching new year:)The biggest plus to me working till 2 on Friday and till 1 on Saturday is that i didn't have to find a home for yet another batch of Christmas gifts:):)Biggest downfall, i didn't feel like i was home much at all except for Sunday, and i really wasn't:(:( Thankfully back to normal only without any school or petsitting schedule. I need it!!! We had tons of fun seeing everyone this last week and the kids had at least one "THIS IS THE MOST AWESOMEST" gift at each place we went to. Also had some awesome food at each place:)"Moms favorite part" Oh and the necklace has been found, my heart is not broken anymore:):):) I tried to do 5 pictures of each party in the correct order but didn't take the time to put captions with them, I'm still just to tired:( I also thought I'd show you what Chris was doing on Christmas eve at about 8:30pm.......Stupid Pearl!!!!

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