Saturday, November 29, 2008


What a long, fun, fantastic, uneventful, short Thanksgiving break! and we still have 1more day. Thanksgiving was at my sisters and it was such a nice time. We had family from far away Colorado in town and we were able to visit for about an hour in the evening with them. We each had very tired baby's. Wish we had more time but i think it's always that way with out of town family. We just need to get together during the day next time they are in town. I'm sure they like me best anyway:) It was so nice to see their little girl Miss Hannah who the last time i saw her she wasn't even a year and now she's just turned 2!!! Mr. Blake is 6months and an absolute HAM.... I think i was the only one to get those awesome flirty smiles that evening(that's right i rock) but like i said the baby's were very tired and we still had to go to grammies to feed the kitty and it was going on 6pm and no i don't have any pics of the day because i forgot my stupid camera and apparently my sister's isn't working so i can't steal from her....SUCKS

Mr. Ari is soon going to be more mobile that before. I don't think it will be long before he is done with the whole rolling from place to place and room to room(I'm bummed cuz i like it so) and be onto the whole crawl thing. He is just about there!!!!!! I did get some pics today of his progress:)) Oh and the new dog.......... I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!!! She's so cool!!!

Norah loves our new pup too!!

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Dusty/333 said...

ya know what??? the top picture of Ari reminds me of Norah!