Wednesday, November 5, 2008

all gone

Hello all, hope you are enjoying this HEAT WAVE as much as i am. I'm also getting the rest of the outdoor stuff done(well as much as "they" will let me)... I've been promising miss Norah that i would cut her hair because she is always complaining about it needing to be brushed.."it hurts, waaaa" and i told her it wouldn't be as hard to brush if it was shorter. So she has been asking me to cut it for the past few weeks.(reverse psychology does work:)) anyway today was the day, bath first and then chop chop. She has probably had about 8 haircuts in her short time with us and she's still not very good about it.:) Dad doesn't as of yet know it has happened. I need to casually mention that I'm going to cut it(to which i hear that we should take her somewhere to do it)Seriously he says that very same thing to me EVERY time, and then wait a bit, then do it while he's at work. Really he always freaks out about it and ya know he just needs to chill, It's one of the perks for us moms when we have daughters!! We get to play and cut real hair!!!!!!!!! I do think i cut about 3-4inches off today. The most I've ever done.


Dusty/333 said...

I'm confused, I clicked on their site, it still says organized chaos. com, not blog anything... I'm not sure where you are reading?

Janet's page said...

I don't know maybe i put it in the address bar and it came up. Click on mine and see if it comes up?