Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well folks after a looooooooooong day of driving we now have a perfect new addition to our home. A great big THANK YOU to auntie for watching the 2 bigger kids from 8am Saturday morning till after church today and to papa with a little grandma for watching the little man from 7am till almost 8pm last night. We were able to actually have a 10hour car ride not seem so bad!!! It was so nice to sit and NOT talk! even when we took a break from music....Ahhhhh the lovely silence. It's been Awhile. Anyway it was Isaac's turn to name a pet, he never has and we promised him when little sister did last time w/out argument from us that he could next time.... Her name is Onyx she is 7months old and she rocks!!! She is AWESOME with kids.Even Ari, today he rolled over as is his way of moving and ended up underneath her and then rolled over and grabbed the fur on her rear leg to give himself some help. She didn't even acknowledge that anything was happening. She is good with cats(although she would be lots better if they would let her smell them:)) She is great with Miss Squirlie(who is getting into having a playmate) and for having never been on leash until yesterday at the rest stop she is doing great!!!!! Honestly the hardest parts are done the obedience is the easy part especially with her being a Shepherd. She just keeps making progress!

Speaking of progress, those of you who know Pearl or have encountered her at the house will get how cool this is............We had company over that had NEVER been here before and Pearl contrary to her normal way of growling and cowering and then running downstairs, growled shook for a minute(outside) BUT THEN upon seeing miss Onyx not have any issue with it, went up to HIM(deep voice, baseball hat, intimidating posture and all) and sniffed then came inside with them and DIDN'T immediately go down stairs. That my friend is AWESOME progress on not even the first full day of this new addition. I for see incredible changes in miss Pearl.... Anyway here are some pictures of her and them together:-)