Monday, November 17, 2008

Naps....what naps

So I'm sitting here with 1 down and 2 to go.... Today was a REALLY hard day for me.. I don't quite know what happened but the little dude slept for aprox. 1hr and 30 min MAYBE total today..... What the heck happened i ask ya cuz i don't know. He usually takes 2 naps 2hours each. I LIKE that schedule. I can play alone with Norah and the next time have my own time to do stuff with that schedule. It's impossible to keep a almost 8month old happy for that long the entire day i tell ya..... I'm still in shock..... Thankfully Miss NOrah was a good little girl so it wasn't all bad, just having a baby that basically screams and hollers at you unless being held or directly interacted with(no not a pain scream, a i found a new pitch scream). Not cool in the least. Here's to tomorrow being back to the NORMAL schedule!!!! Hope this finds you all warm and well........

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