Wednesday, November 26, 2008


What a morning!!!!!!!! I don't understand what has happened with my older 2 kids, honestly i don't like it when Isaac's on break from school anymore. Every day(when Chris isn't home) is just getting harder and harder!!!!!! As soon as i turn off the TV it starts...................pick,pick,pick resulting in whine,whine,whine,scream, cry!!! I have been tested this mornin and i don't think i passed very well. I ended up putting one in the bedroom to get dressed while the other brushed teeth and then sat at the table until the other was finished and then switch. I told each that if they behaved like this at the store...lets just say it wasn't going to be a fun vacation.

Got to the store to get a few needed things for tomorrow and put Norah in the cart and things actually went well and then a nice lady working a booth made me a single serve cup of coffee(hazelnut) with a neat new coffee machine and check out(which i normally hate) went smoothly. We are exiting the store and i say to both kids (one on each side) 1 hand on the cart now and don't let go.................THEY BOTH DID IT W/OUT COMPLAINT:) I said aww look at my awesome, respectful, obedient kids, god is smiling down on you guys now!!!!!!!! I decided to reward with lunch(bk the line was shorter) and home we came to eat and put Ari down for nap(and he doesn't think it's needed right now). Thank you Jesus for letting me know they can listen w/out my yelling and i can find peace during a frustrating day!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Have a great turkey day all


Dusty/333 said...

Why do you think you didn't pass the test very well? Because one sat at the table why the other got dressed and used facilities? Sounds like you were in complete control to me:)

Janet's page said...

Because i yelled a whole bunch first!!