Friday, October 16, 2009


For those of you keeping track. This last year the big dude has really grown.
He had his 8year WCC last night and man does he ever rock!
He is now 63.8 pounds (90%)I think he said it was a 7 pound gain over the last year.

and he is 4ft 5in (90%) just like he's always been and will probably always be... Even the doctor said "Isaac your a big kid"! Yes we know, he's the size of most 3rd and some of the 4th graders at school :-) They start out small but man i grow them big :-)

He then asked all the right questions and one was, how's his eating habits?? Refer to the above statement... Kid eats like a horse ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

I hope by days end to attach a picture of him to this post so say tuned for an *update*