Thursday, October 22, 2009

Howdy all, how you doing?? Tonight was Isaac's last soccer practice and the final game is this Saturday.... I get to see the last game :-) I was a working mom the last few Saturdays... Isaac was REALLY upset when he found out this was the last one. "It wasn't long enough" he tells me. So apparently I need to look into indoor soccer for him for this winter but then I have the dilemma of the Miss wanting to do something this winter and it's only fair right?!

We went easy this year on the pumpkin thing and just stopped at a place on the side of the road with a butt load of pumpkins and a good price. Seriously what's it matter if it's not a "you go get them and pick them" kind of place every year right?! We also for the first time EVER already have costumes for each and every kiddo :-) THAT has never happened! SERIOUSLY we are down to the wire kind of people who end up without many choices......

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Anonymous said...

hhehehhe i love the last picture! isaac holding those little pumpkins!