Thursday, May 14, 2009

The big 4

The big day...........................4yrs ago yesterday i was 40 weeks pregnant plus 2 days:( Her due date was May 11 but when i found out it would be the wonderful "Friday the 13th" that week i KNEW that would be the day and it was.

I awoke at 4am in labor(it was a massive thunderstorm) showered by 5, woke Chris at 6 to go to work and do what he had to cuz it was baby day. We were at the doctor's by 9 and told yup your at 6 going on 7 well let them know your coming. My poor husband was so nervous he went the wrong way on the highway and took us 15 min or more AWAY from the hospital.. I just prayed that she would stay in till we got there because i knew from the first child that i was in transition and he couldn't handle a car delivery:):)
Got to the hospital and the poor soul pulled in the wrong way and needed to turn around, well i left him to that and got myself(i will leave out the dramatic and wheelchair stealing details) to the 9th floor to check myself in and yup i hear "she's at 9" Chris barley made it into the room in time because a few minutes later she was a coming:):)
The Doctor watched from the door:) hehe
Side note you want to see some nurses run when your about to deliver tell them "it feels like i might poo" (Thanks Dusty for telling me that ahead of time)
Norah Simone quite simply the quitetst, calmest, bestest baby I've had right after delivery.

This birthday day started out much quieter too......
We began with a little of this and some singing and cupcakes for the class:)

Followed by a little of this

Then a little lunch time treat........Followed by a naptime so mom could have a rest...

Then we picked back up with some dinner and some presents (she said she wouldn't mind if the little man helped but her tune changed at actual present time)

The day was topped off with a lot of this!!!!!!!!

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K J and the kids said...

Happy Happy birthday little one.
Love all of the pink. :)