Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last night was the 5/3 junior run for the kids. Isaac for the past 2 years has trained at school for this "race" and has gotten free entry. This year he wanted to do the mile i think.
He is sooooo AWESOME this boy of mine... He loves to run and is really good at it:) I don't really know how many laps around is 1 mile but i believe he went around 8 times.... The set up this year SUCKED and was so confusing compared to last year and we don't think we even had him in the correct group. Oh well he loved it and that's what mattered.....

Little sis all dressed to cheer her brother on:)

He always starts out with a smile and fast feet

Starting to get just a weee bit tired. Like his mom and dad beet red in the face:)

So handsome...............I'm talking about the big one :-)

Oh i can't believe i almost forgot...............the little dude is sooooo close to walking. 2 different times already today he has taken it upon himself to walk a few steps(like 5-6) to different things.............go buddy go!!!!!!!!!!!


K J and the kids said...

Not only is he close to walking but it sounds like he IS in fact walking.
Way to go on the running and walking.

Janet's page said...

Thanks KJ they rock....
The little guy is just lacking a whole lot of confidence, otherwise he'd be all over the place..
They make a mom proud!!!